Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy News

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Game Pass Is Helping Guardians Of The Galaxy After Slow Start, Dev Says

"What I love right now is that people, especially with Games Pass, are playing it and they're sharing the experience."

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The DICE 2021 Winners Revealed: It Takes Two Wins Game Of The Year

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart also won big, taking home four awards including Family Game of the Year.

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Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Did Not Meet Square Enix's Expectations

But Square Enix is planning to "expand sales" of the title over time.


Black Friday Deal: Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Only $25 At Walmart

Take a an affordable tour across the cosmos with this great discount on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.


Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Adds Ray-Tracing On PS5 And Xbox Series X|S Today

The newest update for the Marvel game has arrived, and it's a big one.

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Top-Selling Games And Consoles Of October 2021 Revealed (US)

Here are the top 20 best-selling games of October 2021, and find out which console sold the best.


Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy - Costume Location Guide

Here's where you can find some new space-threads in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Review Roundup For Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

Check out a collection of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy reviews from across the internet.


How Long Is Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Here's how long Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is, the latest action-adventure superhero game from developer Eidos-Montréal.


Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy For PC Is Actually 80 GB Not 150 GB

The studio was able to optimize the patch and cut the file size down by about half.

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Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy: 10 Things To Know About The Cosmic Adventure

The galaxy's most recognizable A-holes are gearing up for their biggest adventure yet.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy PC Requires 150GB Free Space

The system requirements on Steam show a download size comparable to Call of Duty Warzone

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Best Marvel Games To Play In 2022

The Marvel Universe's video game presence has grown massively over the last couple of years, and these are the best games starring Earth's Mightiest Heroes right now.

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Tomb Raider, Guardians Of The Galaxy Dev Shifts To 4-Day Work Week In Big Shift For AAA Game Studios

The studio won't cram 5 days of work into 4, but will instead reevaluate its processes to become more efficient.

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Square Enix Tokyo Game Show Lineup Includes Stranger Of Paradise And Forspoken

Expect more details on Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin at this year's Tokyo Game Show, as well as Forspoken and the recently announced Chocobo GP.

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In Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Eidos Montreal upends the traditional superhero game by forcing you to rely on your teammates, and rewarding you constantly with funny lines and fun combat for doing so.

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Square Enix Presents Event Announced For Tokyo Game Show 2021

Square Enix's 50-minute presentation will have news on upcoming titles at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Has Licensed, Orchestral, And Original Rock Music Soundtracks

Sweeping orchestral music, '80s pop hits, and an original album from the real-life Star-Lord band form the soundtrack for Guardians Of The Galaxy.


Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Video Shows Off Drax The Destroyer's People Skills

Drax the Destroyer: The downfall of Thanos the mad titan, legendary hero, and smooth-talker in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Were Reimagined To Look Unique And Recognizable In The Game

Developer Eidos Montreal explains how it used its creative freedom to create a Guardians of the Galaxy team that embodies cinematic and comic book influences with a more personal touch.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Preorder guide: Release Date, Bonuses, Editions, And More

Eidos Montreal's new game is an adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy, and it releases October 26.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Makes Strong First Impression

Eidos Montreal's adaptation of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy carves a distinct new path for the team and the studio making it.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Releasing On October 26 For PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, and PS5

After Marvel's Avengers, Square Enix announces another game based on a big Marvel franchise.