Mutropolis Is Heading to the Nintendo Switch in August

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More than a year after its original release.

Image is taken from the sci-fi adventure game Mutropolis

Over a year after the game was first released on PC, Pirita Studios has today announced that its sci-fi adventure game, Mutropolis will be heading to the Nintendo Switch on August 18, 2022. The game was originally released on February 18, 2021, so when we say it’s about time that we saw it again, that really is an understatement.

Mutropolis is a point-and-click adventure game that consists of an interesting story and plenty of inventory puzzles to get stuck into. What is cool about this game is the detail that has gone into it, with over fifty hand-drawn scenes included in the game.

Mutropolis is a lovely little sci-fi adventure situated on an abandoned planet Earth. You will play as Henry Dijon; part hero, part nerd, part detective, who is in search of a lost city of legendary status. It’s hard not to enjoy this story, with its hand-drawn quests and the countless array of weird and wonderful artifacts that you must find.

More about the story though because it ventures very deep. It is the 5000 and mankind’s greatest achievements have long been forgotten about. Well, forgotten by everyone apart from Henry Dijon and his team of expert archaeologists. This team were once inhabitants of Mars but has since traveled to the inhospitable Earth so they can search for the lost treasures. Everything is going swimmingly, that is until Henry’s mentor, and lead professor is kidnapped.

Henry must partake in an exhilarating adventure through the ruins of Earth’s greatest cities, asking the questions that need to be asked and discovering important relics that were long thought forgotten. And we nearly forgot to tell you the most important thing, the gods of ancient Egypt are real and they’re trying to destroy the rest of humanity, how could we have forgotten that important detail.

Check out the Nintendo Switch announcement trailer below to get a better insight into the game that will be released in August.

Announcement trailer for Mutropolis