Stray Becomes the Best User

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The cuteness backs up the scores.

Still is taken from the recently released Stray

It is only a week old but it has already settled into the tag of ‘gaming sensations’, and now, Stray becomes the best user-rated game on Steam for 2022 according to a brand-new list – that is quite the statement it has laid out on the gaming world.

Steam250 assigns Steam games a score that is determined by whether players give the title a positive or negative review while combining it with how many players reviewed the game overall. Stray’s current score is 8.61, which is based on 42,665 votes, of which 98% are positive, sending it to the top of the list.

This news is even more impressive when you find out which game it knocked off the top spot. That’s right, God of War must now settle for second place on this list with its measly score of 8.56 – it is dwarfed in comparison by the little feline adventurer.

Although don’t celebrate too eagerly; yes, this is a great achievement for Stray, but it still has an awful long way to go before it reaches the top of the all-time chart, currently sitting at number 49. What game is top of that list we hear you ask? The number one game on Steam250’s all-time chart is Portal 2, which currently has a score of 8.83. Rounding out the top five are Terraria, Stardew Valley, Hades, and People Playground.

Stray successfully smashed Annapurna’s record for concurrent Steam players when it was released last week, with the peak figure being over 62,000 players. The general reviews for the game have been fairly one-sided as well, with critics joining fans in praising Stray.

There we have it then, Stray becomes the best user-rated game of the year, not bad for a little game where you control a stray cat, is it?